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100+ Best FireStick Apps (Feb 2024) – Free Movies, TV, Live Sports

install Smart IPTV on Firestick

In this post, you will find a list of the best FireStick apps for movies, TV shows, live TV, sports, utility, and more. These apps are compatible with all Fire TV devices, including the FireStick 4K Max, FireStick 4K, FireStick Lite, All New FireStick 4K, All New New FireStick 4K Max, and Fire TV Cube. Keep reading!

The FireStick apps contribute significantly to the entertainment experience FireStick is known for. The apps let you easily watch movies, shows, live TV, documentaries, and more with the touch of a button. 

However, there are probably hundreds of apps compatible with FireStick. Choosing the right one for your needs is bound to get tricky. Therefore, I have hand-picked the best apps popular among millions of users. 

While this list contains a solid collection of official apps, such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu, you will also find various third-party FireStick apps. 

Best FireStick Apps for Movies and TV Shows

2. Cinema APK (Free)

Cinema APK is one of the most popular apps for movies and TV shows.

best firestick apps

With hundreds of hours of streamable content and an endless content lineup, Cinema APK is one of the must-have entertainment FireStick apps.

Even though this app hasn’t been updated in a while, it is still widely used. Furthermore, it works and provides multiple streams for movies and TV episodes.

Cinema APK does not host any content of its own. Instead, it is an aggregator that fetches the streaming links from multiple servers in various locations. Fetching the quality streams is one of the most critical aspects of such service, and so far, Cinema APK is doing the job well. 

You can also pair it with Real Debrid to get higher-quality streams. This lightweight app is entirely FireStick, Fire TV remote-compatible, making navigation, interaction, and handling incredibly easy.


  • Easy to use.
  • Tons of movies & shows.
  • Numerous genres and categories to choose from.
  • Trakt & Debrid integration.
  • 4K content.
  • Multiple working links.

3. BeeTV (Free)

If you are looking for an app with an endless collection of movies and TV shows, you may want to try BeeTV.

ocean streamz

This app has a vast content library that you can binge-watch for hundreds of hours, and you may still have plenty left unstreamed.

BeeTV, like many other on-demand services, does not host any content of its own. Instead, it acts as an aggregator and pulls the streaming links from various sources on the internet.

The app also features Real-Debrid sign-in, which helps fetch higher-quality links. The regular updates to the media library ensure you always have something new to watch.


  • Simple, user-friendly interface.
  • Huge library of movies, shows, and more.
  • Various genres and categories.
  • Trakt & Debrid pairing available.
  • 4K, 1080, 720, SD links.
  • Lots of streaming links.

4. CyberFlix TV (Free)

CyberFlix TV packs a solid collection of movies and TV shows.

firestick apps

This scraper-based app also fetches streams from several sources.

You can also sign in with your Real-Debrid account to access premium, full-HD streams.

You can sort the content by genre and year and mark videos as favorites for quick access.


  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Large content collection.
  • There are tons of categories to pick from.
  • Works with Trakt & Debrid.
  • 4K, 1080, 720, SD links.
  • Multiple working streams.

5. Kodi (Free)

Kodi is an open-source application for various platforms, and you can sideload it on your Amazon FireStick and Fire TV without additional cost.

Apart from everything else that contributes to its burgeoning reputation, what catches the eye is its simple yet elegant user interface.

With a plethora of options for personal entertainment, you can choose what you like, from music from a preorganized party playlist to viewing various TV shows. You can also view full-fledged HD/4K movies on your Amazon FireStick.

Via Kodi, you’ll access thousands of movies of almost all genres with a single click. There are tons of Kodi addons, and Kodi builds to let you stream your favorite content.

If you are new, our guide for Kodi beginners will help you get started. Due to heavy online surveillance worldwide, Kodi users are advised to use a VPN.


  • Unlimited free content.
  • Top-rated compatible addons and builds.
  • Easy to use.

6. Popcornflix (Free)

Acquired by Soul Entertainment in 2017, Popcornflix LLC is a streaming service that lets you enjoy free movies and TV shows.

best firestick apps

Popcornflix was created for those who want to watch great movies and TV shows for free (ad-supported). 

You name it: compelling documentaries, foreign films, original web series—Popcornflix has something for everyone. Popcornflix is one of the friendliest hubs for free movies and TV shows on the internet.

It’s officially available in the USA and Canada, with plans to launch in more countries. If you are in one of these two countries, you can get Popcornflix from the Amazon Store. You can sideload and use it with a VPN for other regions.


  • Free (ad-supported) movies, shows, documentaries, & more.
  • Available on Amazon Store.
  • Easy to use.

How to Install PopcornFlix on FireStick

7. Nova TV (Free)

Nova TV is an easily personalizable app with thousands of movies, series, and TV shows. 

apps for firestick

The app’s library is also regularly updated, so you always get access to the latest offerings in the TV and film world.

Nova TV is a highly organized app that sorts content by category and sub-category. It also has a well-thought-out user interface, making navigating its extensive library easier. Nova TV integrates with MX Player for the highest-quality video streaming links.


  • Abundant free content.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Tons of streaming links.
  • Trakt & Real Debrid support.

How to Install Nova TV on FireStick

8. FilmPlus (Free)

FilmPlus is relatively new to the scene but is already one of the most popular of them.


FilmPlus comes with a very extensive library of video content. It scrapes its content by automatically crawling the host websites and collecting streaming links.

Most of these links are of high quality so that viewers can enjoy their favorite movies and shows in HD, Full HD, and 4K resolution. Regarding its interface, FilmPlus looks and works like you’d expect.

The app comes with a simple, well-designed, and intuitive interface. It’s a free app, so you do not need to subscribe or register.

You can integrate a premium debrid account, such as Real-Debrid, for even more high-quality links. You can also link a Trakt account to track what you watch automatically.


  • Tons of movies and shows.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Lots of working streaming links.
  • Trakt & Real Debrid integration available.

How to Install FilmPlus on FireStick

9. MediaBox HD (Free)

MediaBox is another app for watching on-demand movies and shows. It also features documentaries and docuseries.

mediabox firestick apps

This app is free but offers a VIP membership plan for $1.99 per month ($9.99 lifetime).

The VIP plan offers faster streaming and an ad-free experience. However, you don’t need to buy the plan if you are using Real Debrid or any other premium hoster.


  • A massive library of movies and shows.
  • Supports up to 4K streaming (with debris).
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Debrid & Trakt support.

How to Install MediaBox HD on FireStick

10. Ocean Streamz (Free)

Ocean Streamz is a free streaming service offering many movies, TV shows, anime, and more under one roof.

ocean streamz icon

The third-party service also provides a decent variety of live TV options. Ocean Streamz is easily one of the best Firestick apps thanks to the massive content library featuring the latest and popular releases. 

The platform doesn’t host any available content but provides streaming links from various streaming services. Although Ocean Streamz is a great place to find your favorite shows and movies, one downside is its unavailability in the Amazon App Store.

Therefore, you’ll have to sideload the application via Downloader. 


  • You won’t incur any ads while streaming the free content.
  • It doesn’t require any registration or login.
  • The app is pretty easy to navigate and use.

How to Install Ocean Streamz on FireStick

11. CucoTV (Free)

Cuco TV is a rebranded version of the ZineTevi app.

cuco tv

CucoTV allows you to stream the latest movies and TV shows. It is a free app, so you can watch all its content without paying a subscription fee.

You can watch your favorite movies and shows on CucoTV in HD quality. The app also allows downloads to save content for offline viewing (not recommended on FireStick due to low storage capacity).

Video streams do take some time to load on CucoTV. You can expect to wait for about 30 seconds to view your video. There may also be a little buffering once the streaming begins. You may experience some navigation issues with the app.


  • Content is well organized in useful categories.
  • Light app suited for FireStick and other low-storage devices.
  • Big content library.
  • Trakt & Real Debrid sign-in available.

How to Install Cuco TV on FireStick

12. MegaBox HD (Free)

MegaBox HD looks much like OneBox HD (also listed here).

Megabox HD

This app features on-demand movies and TV series.

You can also watch some documentaries. It is a lightweight app. However, it lacks many features, including Debrid and Trakt support. MegaBox HD offers both SD and HD links.

However, the links do not always work for all the titles or episodes. If you have one of the other apps on this list, you may skip this one.


  • A good collection of movies and shows.
  • Lightweight.

How to Install MegaBox HD on FireStick

13. BBC iPlayer (Free)

BBC iPlayer is one of the most popular streaming services in the United Kingdom.

bbc iplayer

This service lets you stream almost all the BBC content, including Movies, Shows, Documentaries, News, and much more.

BBC is an incredibly popular TV network with an exciting lineup of high-quality content. This TV network delivers content outside the UK through several streaming and broadcasting partners.

However, BBC iPlayer is a one-stop shop for all things BBC.

Sadly, iPlayer is restricted to the UK. But worry not; I have covered the trick to unblock and watch BBC in any country, including the USA.


  • A wide range of BBC content.
  • High-quality streaming.

How to Install BBC iPlayer on FireStick & Watch Anywhere in the World

14. Syncler (Free)

Syncler is a video-on-demand app used by many people because of its massive collection of movies, TV shows, documentaries, PPV replays, web series, and anime.

syncler firestick apps

It also has a well-designed user interface that gives off Netflix vibes when you stream. 

Syncler features include subtitles, autoplay, and advanced link-filtering options. Syncler is not a regular video-on-demand provider. Therefore, it does not offer streaming links.

It would be best if you integrated a debrid link provider (such as Real Debrid) to scrape premium links to use the app. You can also integrate your Trakt account to import your watch history and lists.


  • Advanced link filtering.
  • Tons of content.
  • Trakt and Real Debrid are available.

How to Install Syncler on FireStick

15. Stremio (Free + Paid)

Stremio offers an uncomplicated way to stream your favorite movies, shows, and more.

firestick apps list

Stremio is an online media service like Kodi and is also supported on many devices. But there are some apparent differences.

Stremio has a more straightforward and user-friendly interface, allowing you to start almost instantly. It installs its addons online and does not store data on your device.

This means that when you install an addon on one device, you can access it from all your Stremio devices.

It also means that the storage space on low-storage devices doesn’t get crammed, no matter how many addons you install.

Stremio supports both official and community (unofficial, third-party) addons. You can install any addon with a single click.


  • Unlimited free movies, shows, & more.
  • Online addon installation saves space on FireStick.
  • A wide range of addons are available.

How to Install Stremio on FireStick

16. Plex (Free + Paid)

top apps for firestick

Plex is one of the most popular media management systems. This service converts your computer into a media hub by transforming it into a Plex server.

It lets you access local and online media from client apps for various devices, including Amazon FireStick, Fire TV, and FireStick Lite.

I find it a convenient media tool for FireStick, with some serious storage limitations. I could download movies and shows on my computer and play them wirelessly on my FireStick. I don’t have to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

Besides the local media on your computer, you can download server plugins (called Plex Channels) and access unlimited online media on FireStick, Fire TV, and other client apps.

Plex is mostly free, so I recommend it as one of the best apps for FireStick.


  • Access videos and music on FireStick from your computer.
  • Remote access is available.
  • A variety of Plex channels are available for streaming.

How to Install Plex on FireStick

17. Netflix (Paid)

Netflix is one of the most widely used TV and movie platforms.

amazon fire stick apps

Therefore, we have added it to our list of the best FireStick apps. You can use the same account on multiple devices once you subscribe to Netflix on your Amazon FireStick or Fire TV.

If you’re unsure whether you should get it, try Netflix for a month for free and cancel it anytime. With a Netflix VPN, you can stream other countries’ versions of Netflix without legal issues.


  • There is tons of Netflix Original content.
  • Lots of syndicated/licensed programs and movies.

How to Install Netflix on FireStick

18. HBO Max (Paid)

HBO Max is an on-demand streaming service with millions of subscribers.

best firestick apps hbo max

With HBO Max, you can watch all your favorite HBO Originals.

But that’s not it. This service also gets many syndicated programs and movies from popular third-party distributors.

For instance, it features the ever-popular sitcoms The Big Bang Theory and Friends.

You can stream content from other media services, including DC, Cartoon Network, and Looney Tunes. Go ahead and give it a try.


  • Access to all HBO Originals.
  • Lots of syndicated content.

How to Install HBO Max on FireStick

19. TeaTV (Free)

With a solid lineup of movies and shows and a straightforward interface, TeaTV is one of the preferred choices of many users.

amazon fire stick apps

This lightweight app is easy to install and use. The app used to be buggy and unstable.

However, the developers got it back on its feet again with regular updates and fixes. TeaTV is currently one of the best FireStick apps for streamers.


  • Unlimited movies and shows.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Trakt & Real Debrid support.

How to Install TeaTV on FireStick

20. Viva TV (Free)

Viva TV is a video streaming app that lets you stream hundreds of movies, TV shows, and live sports events on your FireStick device.

firestick apps viva tv

There are many genres to choose from on this app, including action, romance, thrillers, drama, horror, and comedy.

You can watch cartoons, anime, and Korean drama series on Viva TV. You will find full HD and 4K streams for most videos. It lets you choose from multiple streaming links scraped from host websites.

Viva TV has a well-designed and intuitive user interface. For the best experience, you can integrate your Real-Debrid, AllDebrid, or Premiumize accounts.


  • Hundreds of movies and shows.
  • High-quality streaming links (up to 4K).
  • Real Debrid support is available.
  • Trakt integration is available.

How to Install Viva TV on FireStick

21. Weyd (Paid)

Weyd is one of the few media streaming apps built from scratch.

best firestick apps

It is not a clone or fork of any popular streaming app.

This app offers a massive collection of video content to select from. Old and newly released entertainment blockbusters are all available on Weyd.

It scrapes streaming links with the help of plugins and link providers.

Weyd is not free. The subscription starts at $5 for three months. Weyd is entirely ad-free.

Weyd supports the integration of Trakt and premium Debrid accounts like Real-Debrid, Premiumize, and AllDebrid.


  • An extensive library of movies and shows.
  • The subscription-based model ensures quality streaming.
  • Ad-free.
  • Real-debrid and Trakt support.

How to Install Weyd on FireStick

22. Vudu (Free + Paid)

Vudu is a streaming service and a marketplace to buy or rent your favorite movies and TV shows.

vudu app

The platform doesn’t charge any fixed fee, and you can buy the titles you want to watch. The content library available on Vudu is enormous. It includes over 150,000 movies, TV shows, and more. 

Moreover, the video quality of the available titles also ranges from 1080p to 4K. However, that’s not it.

The platform also provides a good variety of free ad-supported movies and series. However, the playback quality of the free content may be inconsistent.


  • Vudu doesn’t charge a monthly fee. You only pay for what you buy/ rent.
  • The collection of movies and TV shows is impressive.
  • You can avail of deals and get discounted prices for various collections.

How to Install Vudu on FireStick

23. Shudder TV (Paid)

AMC Networks designed this app to provide horror, suspense, thrillers, and supernatural fiction fans with all the spine-tingling content they love.

shudder tv app for fire tv stick

If you enjoy these genres, you’ll find that Shudder TV is the perfect place to get your fix on scary movies and shows.

You can fill out a form to suggest movies or shows you want to see. On Shudder TV, you can explore collections of hand-picked movies and series. Alternatively, you can plug into the linear channel and binge-watch movies.

It has both classic and newer titles. In addition, there are more than 100 exclusives to pick from. Shudder TV is an official app available on the Amazon App Store.


  • A big lineup of content.
  • It was a paid but ad-free experience.

How to Install Shudder TV on FireStick

24. Crackle (Free)

Crackle is a free ad-supported streaming platform among premium streaming services like Netflix and Disney+.

fire tv apps

The app offers many incredible full-length movies, TV shows, and exclusive and original content in HD. 

Moreover, the ads are well-balanced and won’t ruin your streaming experience. The best part?

Crackle is officially available on the Amazon App Store, and you won’t have trouble downloading it on FireStick.

That said, Crackle is not available in every region due to geo-restrictions. 


  • New content and the latest releases are added weekly.
  • You don’t require a subscription to watch the available content.
  • Crackle features some exclusive titles that aren’t available elsewhere.

25. Discovery+ (Paid)

If you enjoy everything Discovery Network offers, you should go for Discovery Plus on FireStick.

best apps for firestick discovery plus

This app contains one of the most extensive collections of non-fiction content, including tons of top-grade documentaries from the popular channels owned by Discovery Inc., such as Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Discovery Science, TLC, and more.

Despite offering nearly unlimited content, Discovery+ is one of the most affordable services for FireStick and other devices.


  • Tons of Discovery content.
  • Nominal subscription fee.

How to Install Discovery+ on FireStick

26. Pluto TV (Free)

Pluto TV is a free live TV streaming service owned by Paramount Global.

best ustvgo alternatives

It contains many cable TV channels, including popular ones like CNN, Sky News, NBC News, and MTV. Moreover, the service also contains many on-demand movies and TV shows. 

Also, all the content is available in SD and HD. All these features make Pluto TV one of the best FireStick apps.

However, it’s an ad-supported site. So you can occasionally expect a few adverts. 


  • You can use the Watch List feature to save content and watch it later.
  • Users can set Kids mode to only allow kids’ content and channels.
  • The closed captions feature is available for all supported devices.

27. Paramount Plus (Paid)

Paramount Plus is a streaming service that has replaced Viacom’s popular streaming app, CBS All Access.

firestick apps

It offers all the content users could enjoy on CBS All Access, such as movies, TV shows, and many live sporting events and TV channels.

In addition, it comes with some original content of its own. On Paramount Plus, you can enjoy more than 12,000 TV show episodes. This includes shows aired on CBS, such as Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Blood.

There are also tons of live sports to stream. For example, you can watch the NFL, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Golf Masters, college basketball, and college football.

For live TV, you can tune in to channels like CBS, BET, Comedy Central, MTV, and Nickelodeon.

Paramount Plus is an official app available on FireStick. However, you must sign up for an account and subscribe to the service to use it.

If you have a CBS All Access account, you don’t need to sign up for a new Paramount Plus account, as your old account details will do just fine.


  • A massive library of content, including movies, TV shows, and more.
  • Live streams are also available.

28. Crunchyroll (Paid)

If you are a fan of Japanese anime and Asian entertainment, then Crunchyroll is for you.

best fire tv apps

It’s one of the best FireStick apps used by anime lovers worldwide.

More than 25,000 episodes of different anime series are available on the platform, guaranteeing non-stop 15,000+ hours of entertainment.

Before broadcasting, all the shows are translated into various languages, providing uninterrupted entertainment.

All the content available on Crunchyroll is fully licensed and authenticated by the major Asian media producers. Crunchyroll is a paid and subscription-based service. But it offers a 14-day trial.


  • It is the best place to watch Dorama, Anime, & Manga.
  • Huge content library.

29. Peacock TV (Free and Paid)

Peacock TV is an over-the-top streaming service owned by NBC Universal.

peacock tv

It lets you watch movies, shows, live TV, original content, and lots more under one roof. Peacock TV offers paid and free tiers. 

The free plan has a decent variety of ad-supported content. The paid version, on the other hand, offers a premium, ad-free, and high-quality viewing experience for the users. 


  • The service offers relatively cheaper premium plans.
  • Peacock TV contains many original titles.
  • The content library includes movies, shows, documentaries, sports, and news.

30. Hulu (Paid)

Hulu is an American streaming service that offers a massive library of content.

free firestick apps

Whether looking for Hulu Originals or content copyrighted from other services, you will find many exciting options.

In addition to on-demand services, Hulu offers a Live TV package that gives you access to over 65 cable TV channels. You can also choose a bundled plan that combines Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+.

Hulu has become incredibly popular in the past few years. It is also one of the most downloaded apps on FireStick.


  • A variety of content, including Hulu Originals.
  • Bundled plans offer access to multiple platforms, including Disney+ and ESPN.

How to Install Hulu on Amazon FireStick

31. OneBox HD (Free)

OneBox HD used to be one of Android’s most popular third-party apps.

best apps for amazon fire tv stick

The earlier versions of OneBox HD did not offer FireStick remote compatibility. However, the software updates have made the app entirely remote-friendly.

While OneBox HD continues to provide quality streaming links (and that’s why it is on this list of best apps for FireStick), it has some shortcomings we couldn’t overlook.

It is updated with the new content, but the main screen does not feature any. So, you need to search for the content manually.

The app has also not been updated for quite some time. You may still try OneBox HD, but there are other better options you will find right here on this list.


  • Offers HD links.
  • The content library is decent.

How to Install OneBox HD on FireStick

32. Xumo TV (free)

Xumo is an over-the-top, on-demand content provider owned by Comcast.

apps for fire tv stick

It uses the ad-based model to distribute free content. Xumo is an official app, and you can get it from the Amazon App Store.

This app lets you stream news, TV, movies, sports, content for kids and families, comedy, lifestyle, and more. It is available only in North America, Brazil, and Western Europe.


  • Advertising video on demand (AVOD) model for free streaming.
  • Nearly a dozen content types to choose from.
  • Partnership with many traditional TV channels, including History, USA Network, Syfy, and more.

How to Install & Use Xumo TV on FireStick

33. Apple TV (Paid)

Apple TV is an OTT streaming service offering tons of streaming options.

apple tv

It includes many incredible shows, movies, documentaries, original content, and more. The platform also contains titles from reputed cable TV channels like HBO, CBS, and Cinemax. 

The app supports on-demand and subscription-based access to premium content. Moreover, you don’t require a traditional cable TV subscription as all the content is available online. 


  • The interface of Apple TV is clean and intuitive.
  • It offers a premium streaming experience.
  • Apple TV app provides personalized recommendations based on your preferences and watch history.

How to Install Apple TV on FireStick

34. Fawesome TV (Free)

Fawesome TV is pretty awesome.

fire tv apps

It is a free entertainment hub for all movie lovers. Fawesome TV has many movies, TV shows, and more available in over 25 genres.

The platform offers over 10,000 videos completely free. 

The genres include action, thriller, crime, romance, drama, and more. Also, the available content is updated almost daily, and new titles are added promptly.

The simple and fast UI makes Fawesome TV an excellent app for streaming your favorite titles.


  • No registration or sign-up is required.
  • The app is officially available on the Amazon App Store.
  • The content library is updated regularly to keep the app engaging.

How to Install & Watch Fawesome TV on FireStick

35. Disney+ Hotstar (Paid)

Formerly Hotstar, Disney+ Hotstar is an Indian subscription VOD streaming service.

hotstar firestick app

Star India owns Disney+ Hotstar and has around 28.5 million paid users.

With the latest movies, TV shows, live sports, Disney+ content, and more, Disney+ Hotstar has over 100,000 hours of content in 17 languages. Although it’s a paid subscription service, it’s generally considered affordable.


  • Disney+ and Marvel content at a nominal price (only in India).
  • Hotstar Originals.
  • Live Sports.

How to Install Disney+ on FireStick

36. Tubi (Free)

Tubi gives you access to a massive library of free on-demand movies, series, TV shows, and documentaries.

tubi tv on firestick apps

You can watch the content without creating an account.

Tubi is ridden with ads, which can get a little annoying. You’ll have to sit through a short ad each time you watch something.

Tubi is only available in the US. However, thanks to virtual private networks (VPNs), users worldwide can access location-specific content almost anywhere.


  • Free app with no subscription (ad-supported).
  • A decent library of content.
  • It can be unlocked with a VPN anywhere in the world.

How to Install Tubi TV on FireStick

37. SonyLIV (Free + Paid)

Sony Pictures Network India owns SonyLIV, an Indian general entertainment streaming platform.


 On SonyLIV, you can watch TV shows, movies, and sports for free!

However, the free plan doesn’t give you access to premium content. A paid subscription gives you access to the latest international shows, TV channels, live sports like the FA Cup and UEFA Champions League, WWE events, and much more.

The official SonyLIV app is available on the Amazon App Store. SonyLive is available in the Indian Subcontinent, Indo-Pacific region, Middle East, and USA via Sling TV.


  • Loads of on-demand content, including movies and shows.
  • A range of SonyLiv originals.
  • Live TV and Live Sports.

Installation: Available on Amazon App Store

38. Viki (Free + Paid)

Want to enjoy Asian shows and movies for free from other regions of the world?

best fire tv apps

Viki’s got your back!

Powered by Rakuten, Viki has Korean, Chinese, K-pop, and more dramas. Viki is a freemium service officially available on the Amazon App Store (in supported regions). 

Although Viki is a free streaming service, you can unlock additional content and watch ad-free with a Viki Pass.


  • Tons of Asian content.
  • Plenty of free videos.

How to Install & Use Viki on FireStick

39. Funimation (Paid)

Funimation is next on our list of best FireStick apps.

best firestick apps

The OTT on-demand service mainly dubs and distributes anime. It is the home of over 10,000 anime episodes and titles. 

Moreover, new episodes are added regularly to keep Funimation fun and versatile. Overall, it’s a fantastic place for anime lovers to enjoy uninterrupted ad-free streaming of their favorite series. 


  • The anime library is enormous and includes many diverse options.
  • You can download your favorite shows on Funimation.
  • The app is available for many platforms, including Roku, FireSticks, Android, etc.

40. Boomerang (Paid)

Boomerang is a famous cartoon channel that has been around for decades. 

boomerang app

It is also now available on the Amazon FireStick.

So, if you have kids and own a FireStick, this app is right for you.  But Boomerang is not just for kids. It contains content that people of all ages can enjoy. 

Boomerang gives you access to all the classic Boomerang shows like The FlintstonesScooby-DooTom and JerryBugs Bunny, and The Smurfs.

Boomerang comes with a 7-day free trial. After that, a monthly subscription is available for $5.99.


  • A huge library of cartoons and programs for kids.
  • User-friendly app.

41. UK Turks (Free)

UK Turks is a free streaming app that gives you endless hours of movies, TV shows, live TV, and other video entertainment.

uk turks app for firestick

Besides the traditional categories available on most streaming platforms, UK Turks offer special categories for its users, like Concerts, Standup, Cartoons, Documentaries, and even Radio.

The app’s streamable content is well-labeled, neatly organized, and adequately categorized into multiple sub-categories.

This app displays multiple streaming links for videos. However, some links do not work. You may need to try a few times before you find a working link.


  • Loads of content, including Movies, Shows, Live TV, Sports, Documentaries, and more.
  • User-friendly interface.

How to Install the UK Turks app on FireStick

42. Rokkr (Free)

 Rokkr serves the same purpose as many of the best FireStick apps on this list: allowing you to stream movies and TV series.


Rokkr is not officially available to download in the Amazon App Store and can be sideloaded from a third-party site.

It offers diverse entertainment channels, including channels based in the US. This app is free to use and does not require any subscriptions.  The app is essentially a browser, giving you access to streams of your favorite movies and shows.


  • Gives you access to a variety of content, including movies, shows, live TV, news, and more.
  • Free to install and use.

How to Install Rokkr on FireStick

43. IMDb TV / Freevee (Free)

IMDb TV has been rebranded and is now available as Freevee on Amazon Store and other app stores.

firestick apps

IMDb is owned by Amazon. This media house allows Amazon FireStick users to access IMDb TV or Freevee for free.

FreeVee gives you access to officially licensed movies and series from many top production companies in the US. This includes Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Sony, and Warner Bros Studio. Some popular titles on IMDb TV are The Desperate HousewivesLost, and Ally McBeal. IMDb TV is only available in the US. However, thanks to virtual private networks (VPNs), you can unlock it in any country.


  • There are tons of free movies and shows.
  • No subscription is required.
  • It can be unlocked with a VPN.

How to Install IMDB/FreeVee on FireStick

44. VRV (Free + Paid)

VRV gives you access to specific types of content.

vrv firestick app

Its dominant niches are animes, cartoons, tech shows, gaming, and science fiction.

VRV also has a personal watchlist feature. VRV lets you make playlists for HD video content. The central selling point is its enormous repository of anime, making it the perfect FireStick app for anime lovers.

VRV makes some gaming content available to you as well.  And all of this is available in HD. You can pay for premium access if you do not want the ads to appear.


  • It is an excellent resource for anime and speculative fiction.
  • Plenty of videos are available for free.

How to Install VRV on FireStick

45. Strix

Strix is the perfect app for movie lovers.


The app contains movies, TV shows, live channels, etc., for free. Moreover, the HD-quality viewing facility will keep you hooked for hours. 

Strix is officially available on Amazon App Store in some regions. However, you can sideload the app via Downloader if you can’t find it on the App Store. 


  • The content features multiple streaming options like 360p, 720p, and 1080p.
  • The app supports Windows, Mac, Fire TV, and other devices.
  • The Parental Lock feature allows you to restrict adult content.

How to Install Strix on FireStick

Best FireStick Apps for Sports / Live TV

46. Sling TV (Paid)

Sling TV was the first live TV service launched on the internet and should be among your very first choices if you’re fond of live TV channels.

fire tv apps

However, this service is only available in the USA, so you need to use a VPN to access it elsewhere.

Sling TV gives you access to various cable TV channels in multiple categories, including Entertainment, Kids, Lifestyle, Movies, Music, News, and Sports. The subscription starts at $40 per month.


  • Access to just about any major cable TV channel in the USA.
  • It can be unlocked with a VPN.

How to Install Sling TV on FireStick

47. OLA TV (Free)

If you are a cord cutter and like to watch TV channels on FireStick, OLA TV would probably be one of your first choices.

ola tv

This app offers a massive collection of satellite channels; dozens are in English from the USA, UK, and Canada. You may find multiple categories for a country.

That’s because Ola TV streams channels from multiple servers. Just pick a category and choose the channel you want to watch.

Ola TV has upgraded its interface and is now fully compatible with remote navigation. Ola TV is one FireStick app you must have if you are into live TV streaming.


  • Hundreds of live TV channels.
  • Remote-friendly interface.
  • Lightweight.

How to Install OLA TV

48. Live NetTV (Free)

Live NetTV lets you watch many of your favorite satellite channels for free.

best live tv firestick apps

With a big roundup of US, UK, and international channels and a FireStick-friendly interface, this app is one of the best options for watching live TV.

There are various categories to stream the TV channels, including Sports, Entertainment, TV Shows, Movies, Lifestyle, Kids, and more. The app also added a video-on-demand section for movies and TV shows.

The on-demand section offers limited content but is expected to expand in the future.


  • An extensive library of cable TV channels from around the world.
  • User-friendly interface.

How to Install Live NetTV on FireStick

49. Tea Sport Live (Free)

Tea Sport Live is the perfect solution for you if you are a big soccer fan.

apps firestick

Its menu covers most major soccer leagues, including those in England, Italy, Spain, Germany, and France.

You can also follow major continental tournaments, like those in Europe. You can also watch replays of soccer matches that you cannot watch live.

In addition, there are match highlights and analyses, ensuring that fans get the full experience of any match they are interested in. They can also check daily matchup lists and schedules for upcoming matches.

Tea Sport Live is one of the best apps for soccer live streaming, replays, highlights, analysis, statistics, and details.


  • There are tons of options to watch live soccer.

How to Install Tea Sports Live on FireStick

50. VUit (Free)

If you are in the United States, VUit can be your home for local live TV on FireStick.

vuit firestick app

VUit is entirely free of charge.

The app currently offers hundreds of local TV channels. You can follow local news, events, weather reports, documentaries, podcasts, and sports.

VUit has partnered with several local TV stations, giving exclusive and original content access. You can stream up to HD quality.

You don’t need to create an account. It is an official app; you can download it from the Amazon App Store.


  • There are lots of options to watch local live TV.
  • Completely free.

How to Install and Watch VUit on FireStick

51. Dofu Sports (Free)

Dofu Sports is a third-party Android app for watching live streams of various sports, including soccer, hockey, and more.

dofu sports

The app is primarily designed for touch devices, such as smartphones.

You will need the Mouse Toggle app to make it work on your FireStick. Even though the app works on FireStick, it is a bit buggy.

If you are using one of the other sports apps from this list, you may skip this one.


  • Nothing outstanding, especially if you are using any other sports app from this list.

How to Install Dofu Sports on FireStick

52. Airy TV (Free)

Airy TV is another notable streaming service offering free ad-supported movies and TV shows.

apps on firestick

The service doesn’t require any subscription or registration. You can download the app and get started. 

Airy TV has titles for everyone. It includes kids’ content, classic films, comedy, sports, music and more. The content diversity makes Airy TV one of the best FireStick apps for entertainment lovers. 


  • It provides a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience.
  • The 100+ live channels ensure that there’s something for everyone.
  • Airy TV is available on various devices, including Smart TVs, Androids, iOS, FireSticks, and more.

How to Install & Use Airy TV on FireStick

53. Fubo TV (Paid)

Fubo TV is a sports-centric streaming service primarily focusing on sports and live TV.

sports apps for firestick fubo tv

A few notable games include the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, soccer leagues, tournaments, and more.

The platform offers entertainment options like movies, TV shows, news, and other content. Fubo TV caters to a diverse audience, and the content is available in 4K.


  • Fubo TV lets users download the content and watch it later.
  • The service offers multiple premium plans to cater to a diverse audience.
  • Fubo TV is supported on many platforms, like web browsers, tablets, smartphones, computers, and more.

How to Install and Use Fubo TV on FireStick

54. Tikilive (Free + Paid)

Tikilive is a live TV service that lets you stream basic and free TV channels.

firestick apps Tikilive

Instead of looking for free channels individually, you can access them in one place.

Tikilive is available on Google Play Store for Android devices. However, it is not available on Amazon yet. But you can easily sideload this app. I have provided the link to the installation guide below.


  • Dozens of free cable TV channels.
  • Various categories, including sports, cartoons, news, and more.

How to Install Tikilive on FireStick

55. Vidgo (Paid)

Vidgo is another live-streaming service offering over 60 live TV channels.

best apps for amazon firestick

The channel list includes kids’ content, news, documentaries, and others. It’s a premium service offering multiple subscription plans. 

Although you can’t access Vidgo for free, the 7-day free trial is great for gauging the service’s worth. Lastly, Vidgo also offers a lot of content in Spanish for Spanish audiences. 


  • The paid plans offer a DVR feature to record and save live TV.
  • The 7-day free trial is great for browsing the available features.
  • Vidgo allows multiple simultaneous streams.

How to Install & Use Vidgo on FireStick

56. FITE TV (Free + Paid)

If you are into combat sports, you may want to consider the FITE TV service.

fire stick apps fite tv

It features a variety of combat events, including boxing, MMA, and wrestling.

FITE TV is free, but with the Fite+ monthly subscription of $4.99, you get an ad-free experience. Additionally, the paid plan gives you access to premium events from Pro Wrestling, MMA, Boxing, and others.


  • Access to tons of combat events, including boxing and MMA.
  • Live, replays, and on-demand videos.

How to Install & Watch Fite TV on FireStick

57. Willow (Paid)

Willow is genuinely heaven for all cricket lovers.


The app is dedicated to everything cricket; it includes matches, commentaries, replays, highlights, programs, and more. Cricket is majorly loved in the Asian region.

Therefore, Willow targets Asian audiences, including those from India and Pakistan.

Willow is a paid service. So, you’ll have to get a Willow subscription online or a cable TV subscription offering a Willow channel. Moreover, the service is geo-restricted, so you can’t access it worldwide.


  • The subscription cost is fairly low.
  • You can enjoy live matches and events in HD.
  • Willow is the best app to stay updated about your favorite sport.

How to Install and Watch Willow on FireStick

58. Stremium (Free + Paid)

Stremium was formerly called FitzyTV.


The free app lets users stream live TV on various Android devices, from the Nvidia Shield to the FireStick.

On the Stremium app, you can record video content, schedule recordings, and view upcoming programs on your favorite channels. Stremium allows you to access and log into your already-existing cable, satellite, or streaming TV packages.

The only free parts of Stremium are lots of internet-based channels, with more added all the time. Once connected to your provider, you can record any shows or content you are interested in with the DVR feature. Stremium requires you to register before using the app on your FireStick.


  • Plenty of free internet channels.
  • DVR.

59. USTVNOW (Free + Paid)

Officially designed for the US military and US citizens abroad, USTVNOW is a freemium streaming service. 


With the six-month free plan, you can watch hundreds of classic movies on any device, like an Amazon FireStick or an Android phone. After that, you must purchase a subscription to continue.

Three subscription plans are available: USTVNOW, USTVNOW+DVR, and TELEUP PLUS+DVR. Both plans give you access to live TV and movies on demand. So, be it live TV channels, TV shows, or films, USTVNOW has you covered.


  • It is an economical way to watch a variety of live TV channels.

How to Install USTVNow on FireStick

60. Redbox TV (Free)

Redbox TV is another service to watch cable TV channels online for free.

best live tv app for firestick

It includes many popular channels covering live sports, news, entertainment, and more. 

Like many other third-party services, Redbox TV is unavailable on the Amazon Store. So, to access the vast library of free stuff, you must access it online via a web browser.


  • The online site is simple and user-friendly.
  • It is designed for Android devices, including smartphones, tabs, and more.

61. SPB TV World (Free)

SPB TV World is a live TV streaming app that lets users explore diverse channels and on-demand content.

SPB TV World

It also allows them to watch live TV broadcasts, news, sports, entertainment, and more on their devices. 

It’s the perfect app for freely streaming live TV and movies/ TV shows online. Therefore, we’ve included it in our list of best Firestick apps


  • The available content can be streamed in high quality.
  • SPB TV Worlds offers a complete viewing experience to every user.
  • The platform also includes foreign dramas in Korean, Spanish, German, and other languages.

Installation: Available for download on Amazon Store

62. NBC (Paid)

NBC is one of the biggest broadcast networks in the USA.

fire tv live apps nbc

The NBC app lets you stream your favorite content from the NBC family on your FireStick.

NBC does not offer a subscription service at this time. You must log in with your cable TV account to access it through the app.


  • Access to NBC programs through a cable TV provider.
  • All the content is in one place.

How to Install and Use NBC App on FireStick

63. ThopTV (Free)

Thop TV is a streaming service that offers live TV channels, movies, TV shows, and other content.


You can access live TV channels in various categories, like news, sports, entertainment, etc., across various countries. 

Moreover, Thop TV provides a library of movies and TV shows. You can also find live sports streaming on the app.

This free streaming service offers content in multiple languages for a diverse audience. However, it’s a third-party application, so the safety status is under question.


  • You can access popular sports channels via Thop TV.
  • The app is pretty simple to navigate and use.
  • You don’t need a formal membership to stream on the app.

Installation: ThopTV isn’t available on the Amazon App Store. But you can download it free from any APK provider on the internet to enjoy live TV, movies, shows, and more on your Amazon FireStick.

64. TVTap / TVMob (Free)

TVTap app is now available as TVMob. This live TV app features channels from the USA, UK, Europe, Asia, etc.

best apps for fire tv stick

The TVTap app is customized for larger screens and remote compatibility. Therefore, it works smoothly on a FireStick. The user interface is simple and easy to use.

The app lets you browse channels in numerous categories, including Entertainment, Movies, News, Music, Sports, Food, Kids, and documentaries. You can also filter channels by country/region.


  • Dozens of live TV channels.
  • Free streaming.
  • Various categories to choose from.

65. HD Streamz (Free)

This is another live TV app you may want to give a shot.

hd streamz

HD Streamz has hundreds of satellite channels from the USA, Canada, the UK, and other countries.

The interface of the app could have been better. However, it is still workable. 

HD Streamz also features the Radio and On-Demand tabs. However, the app is best known for live TV streaming. 


  • A wide range of TV channels from around the world.
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface.

66. Swift Streamz (Free)

Are you a television freak? Then Swift Streamz is one of the best apps in your Amazon FireStick library. 

swift streamz on firestick

Swift Streamz lets you watch over 700+ HD channels from around the world.

Some quality features of the Swift Streamz app are playback in multiple players and compatibility with Android devices like FireStick.


  • With over 700 channels.
  • Fast Streaming.
  • Intuitive interface.

67. ESPN for Fire TV (Paid)

Whether you love any particular sport or just like to watch sports to kill some time, you should have ESPN on your Amazon FireStick.

watch espn on fire stick

ESPN not only provides live sports streaming, but you can also opt for an on-demand service. It covers hundreds of sporting events.

You choose the sport or event you want to view and purchase the passes. You can purchase monthly or yearly passes (like the Premier League).

ESPN for Fire TV is available in the United States and many other parts of the world.

Many options are available for viewing and entertainment, from NCAA college sports events to races from the Indy Car series. You can also get a 7-day full trial.


  • Coverage of hundreds of sporting events.
  • Live streaming, as well as on-demand videos.
  • Highlights, recordings, and replays.

How to Install ESPN on FireStick

68. Fox Now (Free + Paid)

Fox is a popular entertainment channel home to legendary shows like The Simpsons.

fire tv stick apps

It is a subsidiary of Fox Media, giving you access to the best Fox shows live and on-demand.

Fox Now gives you access to the best of Fox shows, news programs, and sports games. If you have a cable TV subscription, Fox Now is free, with new episodes available the next day they air.

If you do not have a cable subscription, the app is free with ads, but the new episodes are available eight days after they air.


  • Free streaming, one way or another.
  • Tons of content.

How to Install & Use Fox Now on FireStick

69. DAZN (Paid)

A UK-based sports streaming service, DAZN allows you to watch sports events worldwide.

dazn app

DAZN is a live and on-demand video service.

This app lets you tune in to thousands of live sports events annually. Its broadcasts cover various sports tournaments and competitions, including the NFL, NBA, Formula 1, and MLB.

Soccer fans can watch events in the English Premier League, Serie A, and other leagues. DAZN shines when it comes to combat sports.

The streaming service struck a game-changing deal with Matchroom Boxing, which granted it the rights to stream several live boxing bouts in the UK annually.

You can watch boxing and MMA fights live on DAZN. Live viewing aside, you can find the archived fights of many great boxers on this app.

You can view match schedules to keep up with upcoming events. DAZN is a paid app with options for both monthly and annual subscriptions.


  • Live sports as well as on-demand content.
  • Covers a wide range of events.

How to Install and Watch DAZN on FireStick

70. CBS Sports (Paid)

firestick apps

CBS Sports is the sports arm of the US-based TV network CBS. On the CBS Sports app on FireStick, you can get front-row access to several sports events across various competitions.

The app lets you catch up with games from the NFL, PGA Tour, PGA Championship, the Masters Tournament, WNBA, NCAA Basketball, Bellator MMA, and many others. CBS Sports also streams the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL drafts.

If you are a soccer fan, you can watch games in the two largest continental tournaments, the UEFA Champions League and Europa League.

Besides live sports events, you can also watch sports news, replays, highlights, pregame analysis, and postgame reviews.

Sports betting fans can tune in for expert advice on betting on various sports. If you have a Paramount Plus subscription, you can integrate it into this app to stream Paramount Plus exclusives, such as the Brasileiro Série A and Argentina’s Liga Profesional de Fútbol.

CBS Sports is an official app available for download on the App Store. The app is free, but you must log in with a TV provider or a CBS subscription to access most of the content.


  • Covers a wide array of sports and events.
  • Works with Paramount Plus subscription.

71. Fox Sports (Paid)

With its FireStick app, sports lovers can watch Fox Sports broadcasts on their smart TVs.

apps for firestick

The hugely popular sports hub allows live streaming of sports events, including games from the NFL, MLB, NASCAR, golf, tennis, NCAA football, NCAA basketball, WWE, boxing, and soccer.

You can also stay updated on your favorite sports teams and personalities with regular news and updates. You can view game details, statistics, and other information for upcoming games.

The live TV schedule shows sports matches up to 7 days before they start. Fox Sports offers highlights and replays in case you miss an event.

Fox Sports is an official app available on the Amazon App Store. You must sign up for a Fox Sports profile and connect to a TV provider.

Also, it is geo-restricted to the United States. FireStick users who live outside the US will need a VPN.


  • The entire range of Fox Sports broadcasts on FireStick.
  • Live TV schedule.

How to Install Fox Sports on FireStick

72. Philo (Paid)

Philo is a live TV streaming app that lets you watch cable TV at only a fraction of the regular cable TV price.

philo app

The app gives you unrestricted access to an extensive library of high-quality channels.

More than 60 channels are offered, along with unlimited DVR storage. You can stream AMC, Discovery, Nickelodeon, Food Network, Comedy Central, Animal Planet, BBC America, Crackle, and BET.

There are premium addons for Starz and Epix channel packages. There is no local channel coverage or sports channels for sports. Also, Philo is not the best option if you’re big on the news.

Philo comes with a DVR feature that permits unlimited recording to the cloud without fearing you’ll run out of storage space. The recordings can be stored on the cloud for up to a year for free.


  • More than 60 channels.
  • Unlimited cloud DVR.

How to Install & Use Philo on FireStick

73. DirecTV (Paid)

Formerly known as AT&T TV, DirecTV is an online live TV service.


DirecTV FireStick app lets you watch your favorite traditional TV channels even if you don’t have a cable TV subscription.

The monthly pricing starts at $69.99 for the starter package with 65+ channels. The Premier package is $149.99 monthly and includes premium channels HBO Max, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz. You can download the DirecTV app from the Amazon Store.


  • All the popular cable TV on your FireStick in one place.
  • Dozens of TV channels.

How to Install & Watch DirecTV on FireStick

74. Tubox TV (Free)

Tubox TV is an app to stream live TV on FireStick and other Android devices.

apps for firestick

It comes with more than 100 live TV channels covering several categories. The major channels include ABC News, CBS News, Cheddar News, WWE Network, The Weather Channel, and Fubo Sports.

Most of the other channels are in Spanish. Tubox TV has an easy-to-use interface. In addition, it comes with a guide that provides information about the live channels. It also offers an internet speed test feature.

While it is a free app sustained by ads, the ads on Tubox TV are minimal. You can view most of the content in HD, with up to 1080p resolution for some videos and channels. Streaming is usually reliable too, and you will experience little to no buffering as you stream.

Tubox TV is 100% legal and can be downloaded directly from the Amazon App Store.


  • Live TV channels and on-demand content.
  • More than 100 channels.
  • Built-in speed test tool.

How to Install & Use Tubox TV on FireStick

75. LocalBTV (Free)

With LocalBTV, users can watch live local television channels online.

apps for firestick

In addition to local stations, it provides access to network affiliates and regional channels that broadcast news, weather, sports, and other local programming. 

LocalBTV is entirely safe and legal, as all the available content is added with the full consent of the relevant parties. LocalBTV is free. However, you will encounter a few ads while streaming.

Overall, LocalBTV is a decent site to watch news or entertainment content in multiple languages. 


  • The app is restricted to certain regions.
  • In the supported countries, you can access over 40 channels via LocalBTV.

How to Install & Use LocalBTV on FireStick

76. Distro TV (Free)

Distro TV is a live TV streaming app with an extensive library of video-on-demand content.

best movie app for firestick

On Distro TV, you can access more than 150 channels with diverse content, including movies, TV shows, documentaries, comedy, lifestyle, sports, music, news, and more.

The live TV channels in its long lineup include Law & Crime, Reelz, Magellan TV, Bloomberg, People TV, Quello, TD Ameritrade Network, Humor Mill, Euronews, and others.

There are also Spanish channels in the lineup. You can choose from a much smaller library of movies and TV shows for on-demand content.

The Distro TV app for FireStick is visually appealing and easy to use. Distro TV is an official Amazon app. It also has an addon for Kodi. Both the app and addon are free.


  • Live TV and on-demand content in one place.
  • More than 150 channels.
  • Spanish channels are available.

How to Install & Use Distro TV on FireStick

77. Local Now (Free)

Local Now is a US-based IPTV service that provides users free news, movies, TV shows, documentaries, traffic reports, and weather reports.

local now

The Weather Group owns it. Initially, Local Now focused entirely on local news and weather reports through its partnership with several news channels.

However, it has now expanded to offer other content beyond news. The app targets localized content, with a Local Now channel for every zip code in the US. A handy filter called “NEWS” aggregates the news sources for viewers only interested in the news.


  • Offers a variety of content, including news, movies, shows, and more.

How to Install & Use Local Now on FireStick

78. IPTV ltd (Free)

HeroGo TV is another app that lets you access many TV channels and on-demand content.

It works on a freemium model and offers many free TV channels and movies/ TV shows. 

Although you aren’t required to make an account to access HeroGo TV, creating one will be beneficial. For example, you can access your watch history or create a favorites list after signing up for a free account. Overall, it’s a decent app for information-filled entertainment.


  • The service is available in most regions.
  • The app is officially available on the Amazon Store.
  • The interface of the HeroGo TV app is simple yet attractive.

How to Install and Use HeroGo on FireStick

79. SportsNet Now (Paid)

SportsNet is a Canadian sports specialty channel.

sportsnet now

SportsNet Now is an app that streams content from the SportsNet regional channels.

This app is free if you already have a subscription from your cable TV provider. If not, you can buy the OTT subscription starting at $14.99 per month. Even though SportsNet Now is available only in Canada, you can watch it in the USA or anywhere else with a VPN.


  • Access to channels like MLB, NHL, and NBA.
  • WWE Network also added.

How to Install & Use SportsNet Now on FireStick

Best FireStick Apps for News

80. Amazon News (Free)

The Amazon News app on Fire TV is a free, customizable app for watching the news on FireStick.

amazon news firestick app

It aggregates news from multiple news providers into a single app. You can watch news clips and get live feeds from popular news providers, such as Reuters, HuffPost, CBS News, ABC News, and Yahoo.

The app has over 120 channels, covering local, national, and international news. It is available in 88 major cities across the United States, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas.

Amazon News automatically detects the metro region closest to you and lets you select from the news sources most relevant to that area. You can create a playlist of the new sources that you prefer.

The Amazon News app comes with Alexa integration. If you have a FireStick with Alexa Voice Remote, you just need to say “Alexa, play local news” to access the latest news from your Amazon News feed.


  • Multiple news sources into one.
  • More than 120 channels.
  • Alexa enabled.

81. Haystack TV (Free)

Haystack TV (or Haystack News) is a news app for watching local, national, or international news.

best apps for firestick haystack

It currently offers more than 300 news channels. The channels include ABC News, CBS, Euronews, Newsmax, Yahoo Finance, CNET, Newsy, Al Jazeera, and many more.

Haystack TV lets you search for topics trending worldwide in any news category. Its coverage spans current affairs, entertainment, business, sports, social, political, and global news. In addition, it offers both live streaming and on-demand news.

The app creates a playlist for you. You may stick with that pre-arranged playlist or create your own.  Haystack News is a free, ad-supported service. It is an official app available in the Amazon App Store.


  • Completely free (ad-based model).
  • More than 300 news channels.

How to Install Haystack News on FireStick

82. Sky News (Free)

Sky News is a popular news organization based in the UK.

firestick apps

Similarly, the Sky News app is offered by the network to provide users access to news coverage, live streaming, and various features. It also includes news articles, alerts, breaking news, etc. 

Sky News has made it to the best FireStick apps list as it’s officially available on all major App stores like Apple, Google Play, and Amazon. Moreover, the app is free to download and use.

You can stream live content or download it without hassle or extra fee.


  • You can customize your newsfeed by selecting topics and categories.
  • Sky News regularly provides weather forecasts and updates.

How to Install Sky News on FireStick

83. BBC News (Paid)

BBC News is one of the top apps for FireStick to watch the news.

best news app for firestick

You can view live-streaming videos through BBC News, browse news articles, and read them on your device.

BBC News covers almost all news sections, including entertainment, business, health, and lifestyle. Also, there are no commercials or ads to interrupt your viewing experience.


  • The entire BBC News coverage is available on FireStick via this app.

Installation – BBC News is available on the Amazon App Store. Simply go to the search icon, search it, and then follow the onscreen instructions to install it.

Best Fire TV Stick Apps for Music

84. YouTube (Free)

YouTube is one of the primary entertainment platforms on the internet, and most of us are addicted to it.

amazon fire stick apps

YouTube is one of the must-have FireStick apps for your Amazon device.

You can directly download it from the Amazon App Store. Playing your favorite music on the channel or exploring new releases?

All this is possible on the Amazon Fire TV as well. You can also create a music playlist comprising your favorite songs and play them whenever you like.

Like the web version, the YouTube app for the Fire Stick is also free. However, If you want to eliminate intermittent commercials, you can buy the YouTube Premium Subscription.


  • All your favorite YouTube videos on FireStick.
  • User-friendly interface for a TV screen.

How to Install YouTube on FireStick

85. Twitch (Free)

Like YouTube, Twitch is a free platform for listening to music or viewing content.

best firestick apps

But Twitch has a specific turn to it. Apart from viewing content, you can also contribute content.

Also, unlike other video streaming applications available for Fire Stick, here you can find live streaming of video games.


  • Twitch videos and streams on FireStick with the app.

How to Install & Use Twitch on FireStick

86. Spotify (Free + Paid)

Spotify gives you instant access to millions of songs.

best amazon fire stick apps

Using the same Wi-Fi network, you can also play music on different devices with a single Spotify account.

To select music from a playlist, you can use your mobile phone and synchronize it with your Amazon Fire TV. Unlike various music streaming FireStick apps, Spotify will not irritate you with unwanted advertisements between the music playlists if you have a premium subscription.


  • The huge repository of music is now available via this FireStick app.

Installation: To install Spotify, go to the “Search” icon and type “Spotify.” When the app name pops up in the search results, open and install it.

Utility Apps for FireStick

87. Downloader (Free)

You must install utility applications for any platform to carry out specific tasks.

downloader app for firestick

Downloader is one such utility application you must have on your Amazon FireStick.

With Downloader, you can easily sideload third-party apps on your FireStick. The Downloader app is the best sideloading tool for FireStick and Fire TV devices.

You need to enter a link or Downloader Code, and you can install any application in minutes. The downloader app also doubles as a browser.


  • Quickly sideload third-party apps with a link or code.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Has a built-in browser.
  • It lets you add favorites.

How to Install Downloader app on FireStick

88. Mouse Toggle (Free)

FireStick and Fire TV devices run on the modified Android operating system.

best apps for fire tv stick

Therefore, many people assume that all the app that works on Android mobiles would also work on FireStick. But that’s not always the case.

Mobiles employ a touch interface, while FireStick has a remote-controlled interface. Many touch-friendly Android apps are not remote-friendly.

You may not be able to use such apps on FireStick.  A workaround called Mouse Toggle lets you use just about any Android app on FireStick.

The Mouse Toggle app puts a mouse pointer on your FireStick screen. You can maneuver the mouse pointer with the navigation keys on the remote.

The mouse pointer can reach sections of certain apps that your FireStick remote cannot. This makes Mouse Toggle one of the must-have FireStick apps for your device.

Mouse toggle works on all Fire TV devices, including FireStick Lite, FireStick 4K Max, and Fire TV Cube.


  • It lets you use Android apps that are not remote-friendly.
  • Works on all Fire TV and FireStick versions.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.

How to Install Mouse Toggle on FireStick

89. Browser (Free)

A browser is undoubtedly one of the best FireStick apps.

silk browser apps firestick

Many services only offer website-based streaming and do not have a FireStick app. You can use the browser to visit their website on your device. 

With a browser, you can also access the internet on your FireStick. Some of the best FireStick apps, like YouTube and Spotify, have online platforms you can access through a browser without downloading or installing them.

Along with applications, you can view your other favorite websites in HD quality on a bigger and better screen.

To install your favorite browser on Fire Stick, go to the “Search” icon and type the name of your browser, such as “Silk.” When the app name appears in search results, open and install it.


  • Stream content through the web-based services.
  • Access your favorite websites on FireStick.

Here’s the list of best browsers for FireStick.

90. ES File Explorer (free)

ES File Explorer is simply a file manager for Android devices.

es file explorer

The tool has multiple functions and facilities. It includes file transfer, storage management, sideloading apps (via premium plan), and more. 

Although ES File Explorer has many functions, the main advantages for FireStick users include sideloading apps through direct links, cleaning the device storage, connecting to cloud services, etc. 


  • You can view and manage your installed apps.
  • File transfer can be done via FTP, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, or LAN/SMB.

How to Install & Use ES File Explorer on FireStick

91. Video & TV Cast (Free)

Video & TV Cast lets you cast your mobile onto FireStick.

best apps for fire tv

You need to install the Video & TV Cast app on your mobile (Android or iOS), which is the major drawback of this app. Besides this minor inconvenience, it is a great app overall and provides a lot of utility for movie and TV lovers.

Video & TV Cast has a built-in browser that lets you search the internet for movie and TV show streams to watch on your FireStick, Android, or iOS device. Video & TV Cast also offer versatility.

Not only can you use the app to search for and watch video streams online, but it also doubles as a media player. You can use Video & TV Cast to watch videos from your Android or iOS device’s gallery and camera roll.

On this front, Video & TV Cast is one of the best free FireStick Apps.


  • Easily cast your mobile screen onto Fire TV Stick.
  • Has a built-in browser.
  • Doubles as a media player.

How to Install and Use Video & TV Cast on FireStick

92. AllCast (Free)

AllCast is a utility app that lets you cast your screen onto your Fire TV.


FireStick has a built-in mirroring functionality. 

However, AllCast makes this process swifter and more convenient. 

Like Video & TV Cast, you must first download the AllCast app on your mobile.


  • Easy way to cast mobile screen to Fire TV.

How to Install AllCast on FireStick

93. VLC Media Player (Free)

VLC Media Player is an Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and FireStick OS utility app. 

firestick apps

VLC is a top-rated app and has been around for a long time, being one of the most reliable video (and audio) players. With VLC, you can watch videos in almost every file format imaginable.

VLC is so versatile that it also has streaming capabilities. You can stream video and audio content online or on a local network. 


  • Lightweight media player.
  • It plays videos in nearly all formats.

How to Install VLC on FireStick

94. Zoom (Free + Paid)

Zoom lets users carry out a variety of video conferencing tasks online.

You can meet, work, and socialize remotely if you are a Zoom user. You can conduct online classes, training sessions, webinars, and meetings and stay in contact with friends and family through HD video and audio calls.

Zoom is supported only on Fire TV Cube (2nd generation) and Amazon Omni Fire TV series televisions. You will also need a USB webcam.


  • Make and receive Zoom calls on Fire TV.

How to Install & Use Zoom on FireStick

95. Wolf Launcher (Free)

Wolf Launcher is a customer launcher for FireStick.

wolf launcher

For many FireStick users, the native Fire TV does not provide the most eye-catching and elegant design. While the Fire OS is based on a custom version of the Android OS, it does not come close to Android in terms of interface customization.

As a result, FireStick users are left with a lackluster home screen and background unless they use a custom launcher. Several custom launchers are available for the FireStick, and Wolf Launcher is one of the best.

It allows you to customize virtually all aspects of your home screen. Apps can be organized, grouped into folders, and even concealed for privacy.

Wolf Launcher declutters the home screen by removing the sponsored and suggested Amazon apps and banners that are part of the default OS. Wolf Launcher is a third-party app not available in the Amazon App Store.


  • New interface for your Fire TV.
  • There are many options to customize the home screen.

How to Install Wolf Launcher on FireStick

96. Aurora Store (Free)

FireStick is Android-based, but it lacks the official Google Play Store.

aurora store

Aurora Store is an open-source utility app that provides an alternative to the Google Play Store. It allows FireStick and other Fire TV users to download and install Android apps in the Google Play Store.

Additionally, Aurora Store mimics other Play Store features, such as the ability to manage installed apps from the store. For example, you can update existing apps with Aurora Store.

Aurora Store has a well-designed interface. You don’t need a Google Play account to use the app on your FireStick.


  • Tons of Android apps not present on the Amazon Store.
  • User-friendly interface.

How to Install Aurora Store on FireStick

97. Aptoide

Aptoide is probably the most popular third-party app store for FireStick.

best firestick apps

You can install a wide range of apps from the app store.

This app store is usually called the Google Play Store alternative for Amazon. Aptoide has many streaming and utility apps you won’t find on the Amazon Store.


  • A wide range of third-party apps for FireStick.
  • Easy to install and use.

How to Install and Use Aptoide on FireStick

98. AppLinked

AppLinked is another third-party app store and file-sharing tool with loads of cool applications unavailable on the Amazon Store. 


You can download apps using the AppLinked Store Codes.

There are dozens of AppLinked codes with hundreds of apps for FireStick and Android devices. AppLinked is an alternative to FileLinked, which is no longer available.


  • Quickly install third-party apps on FireStick with codes.
  • Lots of codes are available.

How to Install and Use AppLinked on FireStick

99. Unlinked

In simple terms, Unlinked is an app that lets you install third-party applications that are unavailable in the Amazon App Store.


You can use short numeric codes on the Unlinked app to download unofficial applications. 

Furthermore, Unlinked allows you to generate a unique code for your preferred app or collection of apps and share it with others in the community. It streamlines the entire download process.

Unlinked is pretty secure and reliable. For example, all the libraries you create are encrypted end-to-end using the military-grade AES 256-bit.


  • It is supported on many devices like FireSticks, smartphones, tablets, and more.
  • You can create your library of apps, photos, etc., and share it with others.

How to Install and Use Unlinked on FireStick

100. Task Killer (Free)

Task Killer is a lightweight utility app that helps optimize your device’s speed and performance.

task killer

This app frees up this space by killing background apps and tasks, providing an instant speed boost to your device. Task Killer also helps clean your device’s cache, install apps, and clear the app data.

Launching the app will show you the active apps running in the background and your available memory. The “Ignore” feature lets you add some apps to an allowlist, preventing them from being auto-killed.


  • Speeds up FireStick by removing background apps.
  • Easily delete the app cache for better app performance.

How to Install Task Killer on FireStick

101. Blokada (Free)

Blokada is a utility/security app that blocks ads and popups on your FireStick.

best firestick apps

It is also known to protect your device from malware and trackers.

Blokada works with several third-party apps and minimizes ad annoyance. This app is completely free and legal. In addition to FireStick, it also works on Android TV and Android Smartphones.


  • Open-source and free utility.
  • Minimizes ads for a better streaming experience.
  • Prevents FireStick from malware and other malicious software.

How to Install & Use Blokada on FireStick


What is the best movie app for FireStick?

Many apps on our list of best apps for FireStick offer movie streaming. However, if I were to pick from them, I would either go for Cinema APK or Nova TV. These FireStick apps have an extensive library of movies and fetch many quality links. In addition, both support Real Debrid, which ensures you have premium streaming links.

What is the best Live TV App for FireStick?

On the Live TV front, Live Net TVOla TV, and HD Streamz are doing a fine job. These best FireStick apps feature many live TV channels for movies, shows, sports, kids, and more. These are free FireStick apps.

What is the best app for a Jailbroken FireStick?

It depends upon the type of content you want to watch. If you like to stream movies and shows, you would like Cinema HD and Nova TV. On the other hand, if it is the live TV you want, we recommend Live Net TV, Ola TV, and HD Streamz. However, the one app that should be part of your jailbroken FireStick is ExpressVPN. This app will secure your online streaming by hiding your online identity and ensuring your activities cannot be traced back to you.

Is it legal to sideload apps on FireStick?

Yes, it is 100% legal to sideload apps on FireStick. In fact, Amazon allows you to enable Apps from the Unknown Sources setting to enable sideloading. However, streaming copyrighted content is not legal and can get you into trouble.

How do I download movies on FireStick?

FireStick Apps like Cinema HD let you download movies and shows onto your device. However, I do not recommend it because FireStick has a low storage capacity. Movies will occupy a lot of space in your storage and cause many problems, including buffering, overheating, and more.

Discontinued FireStick Apps

Here is the list of the apps that do not work anymore. I am still keeping them here so that you know which ones don’t work, and if you run into any of them anywhere else, you do not end up wasting time trying to install them.


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